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Become a Competent Programmer

Do you want to become a competent programmer? A programmer who can create high performance applications.

You can dramatically shorten the time required to become a competent coder by having a personal trainer who can guide you towards your goal.

Start building a solid foundation first, by developing coding and communications skills in the following core topics.

I specialize in providing hands-on and high-impact training, drawing on decades of experience in software development and maintenance in wide-ranging problem domains.

I strongly believe that all programmers should start out their journey, by first learning to write code in C and C++ because these languages operate at a primitive level and are very portable and technology neutral. Learning these languages prepares you for learning any other language that exists or that is yet to be invented.

All you need is a strong desire and determination to learn, and a Mac with Xcode and command line tools installed.

How Much Does it Cost?

Currently I charge AUD 800 for one month of intensive training.

How to Pay

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